How Did I Miss That? Investing in foresight means we will miss a lot of things so obvious in hindsight
Cognitive Dissonance Emotional stress when (investment) beliefs and actions do not line up. How to avoid it
Three Habits of Successful Investors Developing these three habits will improve investors’ decision-making process
Three Costliest Mistakes Investors Make Every investor should avoid these costly investment mistakes
Three Ways to Increase Your Investment Skill Investor skill lies in conviction, controlling emotions, and a durable plan
Trusting Your Investment Decisions Three tips to help you have greater trust in your investment decisions
Beware When Complacency Abounds Complacency can cause us to underestimate risk and get lazy with investing
Investing in Roulette Words matter – and investors may be unconsciously influenced to act like bettors
The Holy Grail of Investing Any “Holy Grail” of investing is likely to be a sham…they don’t exist
Smart Money is Actually Quite Dumb You may not want to mimic the “smart money”