Terms of Service

12 Month Initial Commitment, Then Month to Month.

You must give 30 days notice to cancel. If you are paying monthly and have completed 12 months, you will be canceled on the next billing date. If you pay annually, a prorated refund will be offered from 30 days after notice is given to end of the billing year.
Membership is a License (not purchase) to Use Tools & Content.

Jay Mooreland, The Emotional Investor and The Behavioral Finance Network retain ownership of all content, tools and resources. As a paying member, you have a limited license to use all content and resources. You can even brand them so long as copyright mark remains.

Should you choose to leave the Network, you must cease to use any and all material obtained from The Behavioral Finance Network, even if you have branded it and/or are in physical possession of content, tools or resources. Use of any tools or Behavioral Finance Network content outside of an active membership constitutes theft.