Branding/Marketing Package

Jay helped me update and transform my website to effectively message our brand and value. We have improved our on-boarding process to make it consistent with our established brand. Jay also provides behavioral client content – which has been very well received. It has been a great experience.

Jonathan Lau / Mass Mutual

“Content conveys what I would like to communicate to clients effectively but don’t have the time to do.”

Esther Szabo / RIA

“Jay is engaged, generous with his time and a great value add. I am excited to improve my business.”

Doug Eaton / RIA

“The BFN has taken my game to the next level. I have extreme confidence in my value.”

David Miller / Morgan Stanley

“The coaching, material and help with messaging are a tremendous value add. A complete game changer.”

Anthony Williams / Cetera Advisors

“The behavioral material is timely and relevant. It connects clients back to their plan while making me look good in the process.”

Brock Williamson / RIA

“The coaching tools have helped us communicate better with clients and position us uniquely to our competition.” 

Chad Parmenter / Securities America
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