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Applied Behavioral Finance  *Most Requested Presentation*

The financial plan is the foundation to investing and making wise decisions. Keeping clients adhered to the plan, in the face of uncertainty and biases, is very difficult. There is always something doing better out there. Specific coaching principles are presented and we discuss effective ways to teach these behavioral principles in a systematic fashion. Target Audience: Client-Facing Advisors.

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Creating a Behavioral Policy Statement  *NEW with deliverable*

A Behavioral Policy Statement is a formal document that outlines good investor behavior and expectations. Investors are predictably irrational due to innate and mostly unconscious biases we have. Advisors will learn the why behind investor rationality and how to best mitigate our irrational tendencies. Attendees will get ideas and draft their own Behavioral Policy Statement during the presentation to use in their own practice. Target Audience: Client-Facing Advisors.
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Investment Illusions  *NEW with deliverable*

Based on my recent book, Investment Illusions: 12 Common Illusions That Can Sabotage Your Financial Success. This presentation is customized to include up to 12 illusions to discuss. I will work with the firm to select which illusions may be of greatest interest. A fun way to look at investor decision-making that reinforces the real value of an advisor. Attendees receive a complimentary copy of the book (Sponsor’s booth). Target Audience: Client-Facing Advisors.

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Becoming a Financial Influencer for Your Clients   *NEW with deliverable*

There are many influencers in life, from sports icons to social media influencers. Financial professionals need to become their clients’ greatest financial influencer by incorporating basic psychological principles in their practice. If you aren’t their greatest financial influencer, who is and how might that undermine your value? Make sure when your client has a financial question or concern, you are the first person they go to. Attendees will create a Mindful Decision Checklist during the session.Target Audience: Client-Facing Advisors.
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Differentiating Yourself as a Financial Professional  *Grow Your Business*

One of the primary desires of financial professionals is to differentiate themselves. To prospects, we all sound the same: we offer a plan, employ a process, and we care about clients. Incorporating a few behavioral finance principles will help advisors wow a prospect before the first meeting and be viewed as clearly different and superior to their competition. Target Audience: Client-Facing Advisors.

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Mindful Decision-Making  *With a deliverable*

Investors tend to rely on intuition, excitement and gut feelings to guide their decisions. Mindfulness is not easy, but essential to improve our decision making. Attendees will learn how to incorporate mindfulness in their practice, even when everyone else is emotional. They will create a Mindful Decision Checklist during the presentation to use with their clients. Target Audience: Client-Facing Advisors.

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Discerning Behaviors that Produce More Rational & Confident Investors

Investors are bombarded by financial inputs, from financial forecasts to bold headlines to constant market movements. Many investors unknowingly focus on the wrong things when it comes to investing, which increases their uncertainty and discomfort and encourages irrational decisions. Advisors can help clients by discerning the important from the noise. Included is a complimentary copy of the book, “Investment Illusions.” Target Audience: Client-Facing Advisors.

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Mind Games *Presentation for Advisors’ Clients*

Presented on behalf of financial advisors to their clients/prospects. Uses interactive and fun games to demonstrate how our brain takes shortcuts and how they often influence poor financial decisions. Provides specific steps to encourage a more thoughtful approach to decisions and demonstrates how the advisor can be an integral part of the decision-making process. Target Audience: Retail Investors

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Sample Clips – Financial Planning Association of Minnesota, October, 2022.

Interview With InvestmentNews – Applying Behavioral Finance