Speaking on Investor Behavior

The following presentations can be customized. Contact Jay to discuss how it can be customized for your firm or targeted audience.

Current Presentations:

Messaging: Before, During & After a Crisis

What type of messages are most effective during a crisis? And what type of messaging should be done all the other times to mentally prepare clients for the next one. Lots of real life examples used.
Target Audience: Client-Facing Advisors.

Differentiate Yourself!

A plan, portfolio and human advisor is being priced down near zero. Advisors are shown how they can clearly differentiate their value and demonstrate they are superior to their competition.
Target Audience: Client-Facing Advisors.

September 2021. In-person & virtual event.

“Jay did a great job of laying the foundation and then pulling it all together to have it make sense and make it actionable. I like how he explained the material from all facets of the client interactions so attendees could see how to apply what they learned.”– Matt D.

Understanding & Improving Investor Behavior

We discuss the underlying drivers of financial decisions and specific messages advisors can use to encourage thoughtful, deliberate decision making. Target Audience: Client-Facing Advisors.

Creating a Robust Plan for Emotional Investors

Investors are constantly tempted to abandon their plan and react based on short-term events. Specific strategies are outlined to help advisors improve investor adherence to the plan.
Target Audience: Client-Facing Advisors

“Thank you for actionable, realistic and practical steps that can be taken to use the information presented. Too many times, speakers (FPA and non-FPA) share ‘information’ that is interesting, but do not share how to relate it to implementable practices.” – Steve L.

Coaching & Communicating With Your Client

Two behavioral coaching examples shown and a five question communication assessment introduced that will help advisors understand how to effectively communicate with various types of clients. Target Audience: Client-Facing Advisors.

Tackling Hard Meetings with Soft Skills

Hard meetings will occur. Mistakes will be made. What really matters is how advisors respond. Learn how to listen, validate the client’s feelings and pivot to a more productive discussion.
Target Audience: Client-Facing Advisors.

“He created a vision of the future of our industry and redescribed us. New twist to behavioral finance with actionable steps.” – FPA Minnesota

Mind Games

Interactive and fun games that demonstrate how the brain takes shortcuts and how those influence poor decisions. Specific steps shared to encourage more thoughtful decision making. Given to over 15,000 retail investors over the years. For Retail Investors.
Only available to members of The Behavioral Finance Network.