Branding & Marketing Package

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Be Different & Superior to Competition

  • Easy – I Do Most of the Work! 
  • Website Design & Messaging
    • Psychology of engagement
    • Effective calls to action
  • Content Email Campaigns
    • Increase Clicks & Shares
  • Fine Tune Your Onboarding Process
  • Lifetime Discount – Premium Membership

Advisor Testimonials

Jay did an excellent job at capturing who I am in order to help with rebranding. He did an excellent job recreating my website; I have received numerous compliments on its new look and function.
I love “Ask Jay Anything” aspect – he helps me message client letters and important emails.

Beth Worthington / Securities America

Jay helped me create a dynamic website. I have already seen the fruits with an unsolicited appointment set by a cold prospect through the website. In all my years of having a website I’ve never had something so effortlessly show up on my calendar.

Scott Schatzle / RIA

Jay helped me update and transform my website to effectively message our brand and value. We have improved our on-boarding process to make it consistent with our established brand. Jay also provides behavioral client content – which has been very well received. It has been a great experience.

Jonathan Lau / Mass Mutual

Jay was instrumental in helping me define my brand and solidify my process. It also helped me have natural discussions about how people think and feel with their finances. It has increased my confidence and helped me win business from the competition.

Eric Dorman / SA Stone
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