Behavioral Finance Offerings

What You Get:

  • Monthly Client Content
    • Written & Video White Labeled
  • Weekly Coaching Messages
    • Best practices/implementation of behavioral finance
  • Coaching Webinars & Discussion
    • Improving your business practice
    • Ask Jay anything

What You Get:

  • Everything in Basic 
  • Quarterly Coaching Calls
  • Behavioral Policy Statement
  • Behavioral Finance Slide Decks
  • Behavioral Questionnaires
  • Speaking Your Client’s Language
  • Mastermind Retreats

What You Get:

  • Everything in Premium
  • Practice Management Deep Dive
  • Incorporate Psychological Principles
  • Relational Onboarding Process
  • Compelling First Impression
  • Unique Value Statement
  • Website Messaging & Engagement
  • Effective Email & Sharing Campaigns
  • Increase Presence on Social Media
  • Wow Them – First Meeting 
  • Be Different & Superior Choice
  • Attend Mastermind at No Cost

Terms of Use
Must leave copyright mark on all materials. Slide decks, questionnaires and Speaking Your Client’s Language are licensed and may only be used with an active membership.

Advisor Testimonials

“Jay is engaged, generous with his time and a great value add. I am excited about taking my practice to the next level.”

– Doug Eaton, RIA

“The behavioral material is both timely and relevant. It connects clients back to their plan while making me look good in the process. A big help!”

– Brock Williamson, RIA

“The content conveys what I would like to communicate to clients effectively but don’t have the time to do.”

– Esther Szabo, RIA

“The coaching tools and resources have helped us better communicate with clients and position us uniquely compared to our competition.”

– Chad Parmenter, Securities America

“The Behavioral Finance Network has taken my game to the next level.  I have extreme confidence in my value.”

– David Miller, Morgan Stanley

“The coaching and material are a tremendous value add. A complete game changer. It’s great to run things by him and fine tune my client communications. “

– Anthony Williams, NEXT Financial